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Abratec has been operating for 20 years, through its technicians, in the market of specialized abrasive products, witha strong emphasis on technical assistance service to customers. Our multi-year activity of optimization of abrasive tools, used in a wide range of industrial and artisan operations, has led to a deep knowledge of the work carried out with abrasive tools and the production methods of all types of abrasive tools. We also design and manufacture special tools for internal and external precision honing. Each tool is designed to meet specific needs and to allow maximum machining efficiency.

Since 2010 we have started producing CBN and vitrified diamond bond wheels in our factory in Florence. The ability to produce molds and specially designed equipment in-house has allowed us to offer from the head start a production range that spans from small grinding wheels for internal grinding with a 2mm diameter to grinding wheels for external grinding,1000 mm in diameter. Thanks to the use of carefully selected and controlled raw materials, innovative bonds and cutting-edge production tools, Abratec super abrasive wheels represent a point of reference for our customers.

The passion for our work has always distinguished our way of working, putting the technical needs of our customers to the fore. Do not hesitate to contact us with by submitting your problems as to grinding and honing.

Our technical service is at your disposal to provide you with concrete and practical answers.

Abratec can offer You a wide range of abrasive tools



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