Diamond Dressers

The growing demand for ever higher dimensional and geometric accuracy demands the use of ever faster and more precise machines.

Grinding operations are those requiring the highest levels of reliability and precision.

However, without the right tools, these results cannot be achieved.

From carefully selected raw materials, Abratec produces various types of diamond tools mounted on cylindrical stem, morse cone or on a drawing board.

We select the best industrial diamond to ensure maximum tool reliability.

From single-pointed diamonds to multiple diamond tools in different shapes and sizes.


We use extremely successful mono-crystal synthetic diamonds and chemical vapour deposition diamonds.

We also manufacture diamond shaped tools such as Diaform tools, burnishing tools.

Thanks to our modern numerical control machines and advanced CAD design systems, we are able to design and manufacture tools according to customer requirements with the highest quality and precision.

We have a large warehouse of articles ready to quickly solve any kind of requirement.



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